This is the Robi Robot project


Robi Robot is a learning game for children and adults for learning more about this world.
A robot named robi and his friends will help you through the game
Programming language is C# on Windows. Some animations are done with Macromedia Flash

Support needed

Main problem of robot is the number of supported languages.
At the moment, most of the games are implemented for Swiss German.
Some games have been translated to English and one to French (with google translator!)
Multi-languages support is prepared and simple to implement.


To join this project, please contact the project administrators of this project, as shown on the project summary page.
Help for translation to other language than German is very welcome!
Because of the modularity of robi robot is very simply to add your own game to it!

The HowTo is in preparation.


This project was registered on on Sept1, 2010, but it's started much earlier as JavaApplets on:
The original plan was to make some funny games for my little suns so the could learn the number and alphabet. As side effect I have learned now to program with C#, all the new countries in Europe, how the zodiacs look like, the voice of animals and much more.


Robi Robot is available as setup.exe


The Source code for this project is available as through the Subversion SCM repository used by the project, as accessible from the svn co